EcoJohn SR Series Waterless Incinerating Toilet - SR5 and SR12



EcoJohn Incinerating SR Toilets are self-contained waterless toilets that use an ingenious incineration process to reduce waste into sterile ash. These green toilets are extremely efficient and they are very easy to operate and maintain.

The SR Series consist of two models:

  • SR5 models use propane and are our smallest models (capacity wise) that are ideal where the usage is small. 
  • SR12 models are built to handle a higher capacity environment and are available in propane, natural gas, and diesel.

  • How the toilet works

    The requirements for the toilets to operate are a power source and propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. They conveniently attach to 120/240V AC power, or 12V DC which can be recharged by solar power.  The electricity powers the auger and commences the burn cycles.

    To operate the toilet, one simply has to add a toilet liner to the bowl before waste flush (optional). After usage, one can rinse a little bit of water mixed with Royal Mist liquid (optional) before closing the lid and press one of the two flush buttons (urine or solid waste).

    An auger will then feed the paper liner and waste into the burn chamber and shortly thereafter the burner automatically commences and the burn cycle is underway.

    Since these models burn all the waste after each usage, there will never be any waste left inside the toilet that can cause unpleasant odor.

    Depending on the SR model used, the process can take a few minutes for a quick urine cycle, or up to 30 minutes for a solid waste cycle. One of the great features of these units is that even though a burn cycle is in progress, one can still use the toilet. It will simply shut off the burning process when the toilet lid is lifted up. Once the lid has been closed again, it will resume the burn process and finish the burn cycle.


    1. Close toilet and press "urine" or "waste"
    2. Auger moves waste into burn chamber
    3. Burner ignites and starts incineration process

             (Optional: chimney fan runs for 60 seconds)

    1. Display panel shows two green lights when cycle is complete

    Display Panel

    A control board monitors the amount of usage and its burn process. Indication lights display if the process has finished its burn cycles or if there is an error (such as being out of fuel). The panel also has the two flush buttons that one has to push in order to start the burn cycle.

    The SR12 is heavy-duty, made to handle both higher capacity and a tougher environment than the SR5.

    Maintenance / Cleaning

    For regular usage, the ash from the toilet only has to be emptied periodically (depending on use). The chamber is easily accessible through a door located in the back of the toilet making the ash removal process simple, especially when vacuumed out of the chamber.

    To ensure a clean bowl and auger, the toilet is equipped with a 1-quart reservoir of water which can be used to clean the bowl. One only needs to press a button to rinse the bowl. As an option, it is also possible to add a liner in the bowl before usage; the liner gets moved into the burn chamber along with other waste material. Once inside the chamber, the incineration process quickly eliminates the paper liner along with the waste.

    Since these are waterless incinerating toilets, they operate in very extreme climates (hot or cold). No compost or chemicals are required.  If the toilet has to be left for a length of time, simply shut down the power and fuel lines.

    Safety & Emission

    The toilet is a safe and convenient appliance when assembled and used properly. In order to provide a durable toilet, we have chosen high quality materials that are made to withstand high usage and a severe environment. During production, each toilet goes through several meticulous testing procedures which have been approved by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and CE. Also, the toilet is equipped with multiple safety devices that recognize if any minor problems occur and shut off the unit. The toilets are equipped with very efficient burners that ensure reliability in operation and low emission.


    Given that the toilet is completely self-contained, the installation process is easy and can be done in a few simple steps by a general contractor. It is important that the unit gets installed in a weather-proof building so it doesn’t get exposed to snow or rain. A minimum of 5 inches clearance from any wall is recommended, though 12 inches would allow easier access the burn chamber to remove ash.

    The toilet includes an 8 ft chimney system (6” double wall pipe - 6” I.D, 8” O.D). It can go vertically or horizontally out through the roof/wall. When the chimney system has been installed, the next step is to connect the power supply and fuel (Propane, Natural Gas, or Diesel). The toilets can operate with a small BBQ propane tank or larger propane sources. The SR12 also operates with diesel or kerosene.

    Included in Chimney System

    • 8 ft Chimney Pipe
    • Flashing
    • Storm Collar
    • Roof Support
    • Firestop
    • Chimney Cap
    • EcoJohn Adapter

    Depending on the installation, some optional parts may be required:

    • Catalytic converter - a catalytic converter may be installed in the chimney pipe; the catalytic converter cleans the outgoing air and ensures that there are no harmful agents going out.
    • Royal Mist liquid - a special liquid that can be added to the water reservoir - the Royal Mist takes out any bad odor (if any).
    • Solar panels - can be installed with 12VDC batteries to ensure fully charged batteries
    • Chimney fan - an extra fan may be installed in areas where extra draft is needed

    • Odorless
    • Waterless
    • Clean and safe
    • No need for connection to water and sewage
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Minimal refuse
    • Incinerates liquid and solid waste as well as toilet paper
    • Ash can be used in the garden
    • Chemical-free

    SR Models

     Model Fuel Power Capacity
    SR5 Propane
    12V DC / 120V AC / 240V AC

    4-5 people

    SR12 Propane 120V / 240V AC

    8-10 people

    SR12 Natural Gas 120V / 240V AC

    8-10 people

    SR12 Diesel
    12V DC / 120V AC / 240V AC

     8-12 people

    Technical Data

      SR5 SR12 SR12
    Fuel Propane Propane, Natural Gas Diesel
    Hourly BTU Input 18,000 BTU/hr 50,000 BTU/hr

    70,000 BTU/hr

    Capacity 4-5 people 8-10 people

    8-12 people

    Electrical Load

    12V DC: 1.5 Amp

    120V AC: 0.15 Amp

    12V DC: 11-12 Amp

    120V AC: 3-4 Amp

    12V DC: 11-12 Amp

    120V AC: 3-4 Amp

    Propane Consumption

    Urine Cycle: 0.14 lbs

    Waste Cycle: 0.35 lbs

    Urine Cycle: 0.14 lbs

    Waste Cycle: 0.35 lbs


    Natural Gas Consumption


    Urine Cycle: 0.04 therm

    Waste Cycle: 0.1 therm

    Diesel Consumption



    Urine Cycle: 0.03 gal

    Waste Cycle: 0.08 gal

    Operating Voltage for all units: 12V DC, 120V AC, 240V AC

    Storage Temperature: -40 to 140 F

    Operating Temperature: -35 to 140 F


      SR5 SR12 SR12 Diesel
    Height 28" 32" 44"
    Width 23" 25" 25"
    Depth 38" 39" 42"
    Sitting Depth 19" 20" 21"
    Weight 132 lbs 220 lbs 250 lbs

    EcoJohn toilets come with a 1-year factory warranty.

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